Bukit Takun is a large monolith of limestone that towers over Templers Park Golf Course and Country Club. Access to the base of the rock is via a gated residential road so be prepared to park and register yourself at the guardhouse and walk about 1km.
The walk is worth it though, the climbing is world class and the surrounding nature and manicured gold course make for a great backdrop.
Much of the earlier climbing development was toward the upper reaches of the saddle of the ridge line where you will find painted arrows that mark the start of a trail that follows the ridge-line to the summit. The trek can be treacherous so not for the novice. The jungle path to the upper reaches starts at the end of the road and heads directly up, if you cross a large pipe at the start of the trail you're on the right path. Just be sure to wear good shoes as the ascent toward the saddle is steep.
More recently development has concentrated on the lower reaches of the rock face, access is also from the end of the road but the trek goes immediately west follow a undulating path keeping the towering rockface on your right until you reach the base of the rock.
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